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Cheapy Lighter Laser Burner

Hack a cheap butane lighter and
make the world's first "flick-style"
burning laser lighter!

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating?

Track your banana or girlfriend!
You can find the Security Bit Set here:

How to Escape from Handcuffs

Here's how a magician might escape
from a pair of professional handcuffs.

Laser Flashlight Hack

Turn a Mini MagLite flashlight
into a burning laser pointer!

Most Popular Videos

Beer Can WiFi Booster

Give your WiFi a 2X - 4X
boost with a can!

World's Loudest Alarm Clock

Have trouble waking up in the morning?
You won't anymore with this ear-splitting
alarm clock hack. It can wake up the dead!

How to See in the Dark

See in complete darkness AND record it all
when I show you how to hack a camcorder
and build this stealthy nightvision headset!

9 Volt Battery Hack

You've seen it all over the internet but
this is the original version! In an emergency
you can hack a 9 volt battery and save the day!

Chill a Coke in 2 Minutes

Superchill soda, beer and other
drinks quickly! Here's the secret!
If you don't want ice in your drink,
this is the way to do it!

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